Software tool suite simplifies source-code analysis -

Software tool suite simplifies source-code analysis

Klocwork recently released its Insight Pro, a suite of developer tools aimed at maintaining high velocity throughout the software development process. Built on the company's source-code analysis technology, the suite introduces three tools that let developers achieve greater iteration velocity while reducing the risk of bug debt.

Insight Pro provides continuous static analysis that detects critical defects and security vulnerabilities at the developer's desktop, as code is being written. This onthefly analysis provides developers with immediate visibility into errors being made, or vulnerabilities being left open.

With a noclick usability model, attention to code quality and security becomes a natural part of every developer's editing process, ensuring the best code possible at the earliest stage in the development process.

The peerbased tool facilitates simple pre and post checkin reviews. Integrated with popular configuration management environments and Klocwork's static-analysis engine, code reviews are conducted asynchronously over the web. Through a customizable RSS feed, developers are notified of code that is ready for review and are able to quickly and easily identify code changes, take part in threaded discussions around those changes, assign actions, and review potential defects. This flexible approach to a traditionally heavyweight and unpopular practice ensures bottomup adoption of this vital software verification process.

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