SOFTWARE TOOLS: 6WIND launches multi-core software development tools -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: 6WIND launches multi-core software development tools


Mountain View, Ca. – 6WIND has developed a set of tools aimed at Linux software development on multiprocessor-based networking applications using two to four cores.

Based on Fast Path architecture, the 6WINDGate EDS software is designed to be implemented as a Linux kernel module between the Linux networking stack and the interface drivers, eliminating the need for any specialized Multi-Core Executive Environment (MCEE).

Used in a pure Linux environment, 6WINDGate EDS is capable of more than 1 Mpps forwarding per core for Intel Bensley platforms using two Clowertown -4 core chips. It is a pure Linux solution that can be used as an add-on to a Linux kernel (open source, commercial, in-house.

According to Eric Carms, CEO of 6WIND, distributed over Linux, 6WIND software incorporates the market's first comprehensive dual-IP Control Plane protocols, Slow Path and Fast Path Data Plane modules with built-in IPv4-IPv6 routing, security, QoS, filtering, multicast, mobility, IPv4-IPv6 transition, XML-based management, with continuous synchronization between all planes. The Fast Path and Control Plane can be made modular ” used separately or in any way according to customer requirements.

With 6WINDGate EDS, forwarding is performed at the driver level. Only packets that cannot be processed by Fast Path are forwarded to the Linux Networking Stack (Slow Path). The EDS architecture relies on Cache Manager and Fast Path Manager modules to integrate and synchronize Fast Path processing and Slow Path / Control Plane in a transparent manner.

6WINDGate EDS includes pre-made networking and application development building blocks to simplify development within multi-core based architectures. It also enables an 'open' framework to easily integrate in-house or third party applications while eliminating hardware lock-in for equipment manufacturers including, telecommunications equipment, enterprise gateways, security appliances and customer premise equipment (CPE).

Available now on Intel multi-core platforms, 6WINDGate EDS will be progressively available during the second half of 2008 on all multi-core platforms supported by 6WINDGate. To learn more, go to

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