SOFTWARE TOOLS: Altreonic bundles its real-time tools -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Altreonic bundles its real-time tools


Altreonic NV (Linden, Belgium) is bundling of its formally developed and network centric OpenComRTOS with supporting tools in an integrated tool suite. The suite comprises OpenComRTOS 1.3, OpenVE and OpenTracer.

The OpenComRTOS formally developed network-centric RTOS has an architecture which is not only scalable and safe, but also very performant. Compared with a previously manually developed and similar RTOS, Altreonic says it is ten times smaller, requiring only 5 Kbytes per node.

It supports distributed target architectures and heterogeneous processors, making it suitable for distributed industrial automation, robotics, manycore SoC, parallel processing and many more applications.

While customers can do their own ports, ARM, MicroBlaze, Leon3, PPC, XMOS and MLX16 are available for specific boards.

OpenVE is a visual environment to model application architecture and processor topology. The most important part of the application development code is autogenerated in OpenVE to minimize human errors.

OpenTracer is a visual profiling tool allowing to visually verify intra-node task scheduling and interactions as well as inter-node interactions.

OpenComRTOS, OpenVE and OpenTracer are fully integrated and target industry applications requiring high levels of trustworthiness. The windows version that acts as well as simulator can freely be downloaded.

Altreonic was officially created as a spin-off of Open License Society in September 2008. The intention was that while Open License Society researches a unified systems engineering methodology and already developed tools to support it, Altreonic is putting the research into practice.


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