SOFTWARE TOOLS - Android on VisualSim enables hardware-software analysis of Android applications -

SOFTWARE TOOLS – Android on VisualSim enables hardware-software analysis of Android applications


Sunnyvale, Calif. – Mirabilis Design Inc. and TOPS Systems Corp. have jointly released the Android on VisualSim architecture exploration platform. Systems designers of Android devices can use this platform for hardware-software architecture exploration as well as power and performance analysis of consumer devices.

Android on VisualSim is a software tuning environment to enable profiling of execution time and power consumption of each system. Components explored can include SoC internals that are invisible at the system level.

This approach eliminates the overhead of the pipeline in a cycle-accurate simulation, thus achieving 10-20 MIPS for a cycle-based or Approximately-Timed simulation.'The availability of the complete suite of hardware components allows platform development to be completed in a few weeks.

Android on VisualSim integrates the Android virtual prototyping environment with both a statistical and instruction-set level hardware model in VisualSim.'This package includes hardware templates of the Android Dev Phone and other consumer devices.

The complete suite of analysis tools addresses task latency, device utilization, system throughput and energy consumption. Android on VisualSim accurately generates the software activity for the target hardware platform. The hardware platform simulates system operation including arbitration, cache misses and queuing effects.

Using this approach, an Android Architect can select the optimal system configuration for a set of applications; optimize the software for lowest power consumption; and determine the best task distribution across multiple processing cores.'The hardware platform enables early identification of system bottlenecks and identifies areas for cost reduction.

According to the company, Android on VisualSim cuts the total development cost to one-tenth of the current price and allows development to be performed entirely within the company, thus protecting intellectual property.

Current approaches require significant rework or extensive development for the second generation because of limited performance or excess power budget.'Front-loading of product design delivers highly competitive performance and power levels at the lowest price point.

Performance on the target architecture can be visualized at any arbitrary point during execution of the application software, without losing the Android emulator's convenience and functionality.

Android on VisualSim is currently shipping and is available for Windows, Linux and other forms of UNIX.'It is an add-on library that works with the current version of VisualSim Architect.

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