SOFTWARE TOOLS - Artima releases its Java code test framework -

SOFTWARE TOOLS – Artima releases its Java code test framework


Mountain View, Ca. – Just released by Artima Inc. is ScalaTest 1.0, an open-source testing framework that speed ups the testing process for Java-based applications.

In addition to reducing the number of lines of code required in testing, ScalaTest can run on multiple processor cores for parallel testing.

Released under the Apache 2.0 license, the framework can test either Scala or Java code. By integrating with tools such as JUnit and TestNG, Ant, and Maven, ScalaTest is designed to make it easier to take testing to a higher, more productive level in new or existing Scala or Java projects.

ScalaTest is designed to support different kinds of testing, including unit, functional, integration, and acceptance testing, while supporting test-driven, behavior-driven, and other development methodologies.

ScalaTest is written almost entirely in Scala, a hybrid functional/object programming language, based on a multi-paradigm concept that integrates essential features of iterative object-oriented programming with the functional programming paradigm.

It compiles to JVM bytecodes — you can use Java libraries in your Scala programs and inherit from Java classes. Scala lets you isolate those parts of your code that truly need the benefits of functional programming and write everything else in Java.

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