SOFTWARE TOOLS: Coverity Releases its Architecture Analyzer -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Coverity Releases its Architecture Analyzer


San Francisco, Ca. – New from Coverity is the Architecture Analyzer, a tool that provides development teams with the ability to analyze the complexity and dependencies of software systems, and identify errors that can create crash causing defects or security vulnerabilities.

Architecture Analyzer automatically maps hierarchies and dependencies in C/C++ and Java code bases, providing the visibility and control development teams need to detect potential defects and ensure code modifications align with original design specifications.

The tool supports a web-based interface and IDE plug-in for Java, allowing teams to navigate code, check for architectural accuracy, correct dependency defects and set complexity limits.

It requires no change to the source code or build environment. It automatically delivers actionable data to architects and developers so they can gain a deep understanding of the code structure and determine whether new source code components will adhere to the original software design.

Key features include Automated Architectural Visualization, Detection of Architectural Security Issues and detection of Architectural Quality Issues.

Architectural Visualization generates comprehensive maps of source code structures automatically including interdependencies, architecture complexity maps, dependency graph visualizations and dependency structure matrices.

The tools automatically identify pathways that circumvent application access control checkpoints, encryption or decryption APIs, and other security concerns.

It also defines intended architectures and enforce the planned architecture by allowing architects to specify intended code architecture and analyzing code structure as source code evolves.

The tool also automatically detects application architecture violations such as reverse or circular dependencies that can make software hard to maintain and refactor.

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