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SOFTWARE TOOLS: Eclipse-Based real-time IDE supports multiple program languages


Phoenix, AZ. – Software tools vendor DDC-I introduced what it claims is the first Eclipse-based mixed-language development and run-time environment to integrate C, Embedded C++, Ada, and real-time Java.

Known as OpenArbor, the new IDE makes it possible to develop hard real-time applications that combine Java, C, EC++, and Ada, according to Bob Morris,president and CEO of DDC-I.

Reflecting the fact that much embedded systems design involves multiple languages, OpenArbor has been designed, he said, as a mixed-language, object-oriented IDE for developing and deploying real-time, safety-critical applications.

The core environment combines optimizing compilers and libraries for C and EmbeddedC++ with the SCORE multi-language debugger. The SCORE debugger features an intuitive multi-window GUI, project management support, and automated build/make utilities.

SCORE's symbolic debugger recognizes C/EC++, Ada and Fortran syntax and expressions, and can view objects, expressions, call chains, execution traces, interspersed machine code, machine registers, and program stacks.

OpenArbor provides separate Eclipse plug-ins for Ada and Java development.These plug-ins can also be used with popular IDEs such as Wind RiverWorkbench and LynuxWorks Luminosity.

The Ada plug-in, known as SCORER-Ada, features an optimizing Ada compilerand run-time environment optimized for safety-critical embedded Adaprojects. The SCORE-Ada debugger supports full Ada-level debugging,including constraints, attributes, tasking, exceptions, break-on-exceptionand break-on-tasking events. The debugger is non intrusive, can debug at thesource or machine level, and can be enabled without changing the generatedcode.

OpenArbor's real-time Java plug-in, known as Scorpion, Java, provides deterministic garbage collection, a prerequisite for executing bounded, hard real-time applications.

Morris said Scorpion features a Java compiler, a builder for ahead-of-time Java file compilation, and a virtual machine (ScorpionVM) for executing real-time Java applications.

Scorpion also features a smart linker that reduces code size (up to 80%) by removing unused objects from closed systems, and a profiler that helps optimizespeed/size tradeoffs by determining the best mix of compiled and interpretedcode.

Morris said Scorpion is also available with an Eclipse plug-in that automatically maps Java native method calls directly to existing Ada/C code, allowing Java programs to call existing C and Ada programs, therebysimplifying mixed language development and the migration of legacy C/Adacode.

OpenArbor provides versatile run-time target options, including a barerun-time system certifiable to Level A of the FCC DO-178B standard, anenhanced bare run-time system for simulated and emulated environments, andpopular RTOSes such as Wind River's VxWorks, LynuxWorks LynxOS-178 andArdence's RTX real-time extensions for Windows.

OpenArbor is available immediately. Pricing for the core configurationstarts at $5,000.

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