SOFTWARE TOOLS: Embedded real-time Java VM supports Java 6 Standard Edition -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Embedded real-time Java VM supports Java 6 Standard Edition


LONDON — According to Aicas (Karlsruhe, Germany) JamaicaVM 6 is the only Java VM for real-time applications to support the Java 6 language and standard APIs.

The real-time garbage collector of JamaicaVM will bring safety, determinism and hard real-time performance to a system.

JamaicaVM 6 has improved graphics performance and an extended number of supported platforms and now supports graphics on QNX and Linux platforms, both with and without X-Server. In total, 14 embedded operating systems are supported. Soft real-time behaviour on Linux and Windows has been improved.

Hard real-time, soft real-time, portable devices and graphic-rich applications can all be developed using JamaicaVM 6 and the development tools help optimize applications for speed and low memory footprint. It enables Java applications to be ported from desktop to embedded systems with no change.

JamaicaVM is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that provides performance guarantees for all primitive Java operations, thus satisfying the main requirement for hard real-time performance. It also eliminates memory leaks and fragmentation, which are the cause of many serious bugs in embedded applications.

It is suitable fpr projects that require low latency for seamless graphical, industrial or financial applications and microsecond re action time to hard real-time events. It generates compact code and makes limited use of memory resources.

It support a number security standards to allow certification of your equipment including conformation to DO-178B. It is scalable with the ability to manage a large number of tasks in parallel while granting deterministic behaviour to every task.

JamaicaVM provides access to the large set of Java classes and APIs for real-time and non-real-time programming provided by the RTSJ and J2SE Java standards.

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