SOFTWARE TOOLS: eSOL Unveils eSOL for Android -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: eSOL Unveils eSOL for Android

Tokyo, Japan – eSOL Co., Ltd. has just unveiled its eSOL for Android platform for one-stop development of embedded systems designs using Android, an open source platform from the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).

According to company president Tsutomu Sawada, eSOL for Android consists of eSOL Adaptor for Android(TM), which enables Android to run on non-Linux OSes, and eSOL Professional Services for Android(TM), which offers technical services for Android-based software development. As a result, he said, eSOL for Android is expected to bring Android to a much wider market beyond mobile phones.

eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android, the first in a series of eSOL Adaptor for Android products, permits replacement of a Linux kernel with the eSOL eT-Kernel OS, a high-performance, highly reliable POSIX- and TRON-conformant OS.

eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android is now under development for release in the second quarter of CY2010. eSOL Professional Services for Android will offer various optimization services based on the knowledge acquired through the development of eSOL Adaptor for Android.

“As the size of software programs required for embedded appliances such as cell phones, other consumer electronics devices, and automotive infotainment systems steadily increases, so does the pressure for improved development efficiency,” said Sawada. “To remedy this situation, developers have been working for years to improve software platforms. One result is Android.

“However, every embedded system has its own specific requirements and the Linux kernel-based Android will not fulfill them all, due to issues such as Linux licensing, quality assurance, and lack of true real-time capability.”

As an alternative to this situation, he said, eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android replaces the Linux kernel with another OS, enabling high performance and reliability, while at the same time ensuring efficiency and reduced costs.

In addition, eSOL Professional Services for Android will ensure successful development of an optimized Android-based system. eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android, he claimed, combines both the benefits of middleware- and application-rich Android and the real-time eSOL eT-Kernel.

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