SOFTWARE TOOLS - Evatronix adds Kiel R8051XC2 MCU tool support -

SOFTWARE TOOLS – Evatronix adds Kiel R8051XC2 MCU tool support

Bielsko-Biala, Poland – 8051 MCU provider Evantronix SA has added support for its R8051XC2 microcontroller by the Keil uVision4 Integrated Development Environment to its list of tool providers.

Vision4 has been designed to enhance developer's productivity, enabling faster, more efficient program development and verification, incorporating a window-based management system that allows developers to use multiple monitors and provides complete control over window placement anywhere on the visual surface.

The new user interface makes better use of the screen space and organizes multiple windows more efficiently; delivering an uncluttered, efficient environment to develop applications.

The R8051XC2 is the newest iteration of the Evatronix 8051 microcontroller IP, which over its 12 year evolution has been successfully implemented in more than 200 designs worldwide.

The company claims the R8051XC2 is the fastest 8051 IP core ever compiled under Keil uVision IDE, with a performance gain of up to 12 times, compared to the original Intel chip operating at the same frequency.

To facilitate application development, the R8051XC2 is featured with highly configurable implementation options, as well as a set of peripherals with I2C, SPI, UART and others that can be trimmed to customer requirements.

The R8051XC2 is also supported by the Evatronix Application-debugging Support Environment (EASE), which consists of a built-in On Chip Debug Support module, Evatronix Debug Pod for hassle free communication between FPGA prototype and PC, and the Evatronix Debug Interface for Keil uVision IDE.

Also, for rapid USB, Ethernet or HDLC SoC design, the R8051XC2 can be delivered as an integrated development with these peripherals and corresponding software IP. To learn more, go to www

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