Software tools forged for Dallas Semi's MAXQ MCUs -

Software tools forged for Dallas Semi’s MAXQ MCUs

Dursley, U.K.— Rowley Associates Ltd. has rolled out CrossWorks for MAXQ, a version of its CrossWorksline of embedded software development tools crafted for Dallas Semiconductor's MAXQ 16-bit family of RISC processors, including the recently introduced MAXQ2000 low-power LCD microcontroller. The tools package consists of an ANSI- and ISO-compliant C compiler, macroassembler, linker/locator, libraries, core simulator, flash downloader, JTAG debugger, and integrated development environment (IDE).

The compiler is optimized for the MAXQ microcontroller's single-cycle architecture, while the IDE melds seamlessly with Dallas Semi's MAXQ2000 evaluation kit, which includes software, hardware, sample code, and documentation for designing with the MAXQ2000. Together, the CrossWorks tools and evaluation kit form a complete platform for assessing the MAXQ2000's capabilities.

For its part, the MAXQ2000 microcontroller is a low-power, 16-bit device that incorporates an LCD interface. Uniquely suited for the blood-glucose monitoring market, the MAXQ2000 can be used in any application that requires high performance and low power consumption. The microcontroller core is powered by a 1.8V supply, with a separate I/O supply for optimum flexibility. It also features an ultra-low-power sleep mode.

A single-user license for CrossWorks for MAXQ sells for about $865 at present exchange rates. Contact the company for multiuser license quotations.

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