SOFTWARE TOOLS " iPhone flight app is (data)based on Raima's embedded RDM -

SOFTWARE TOOLS ” iPhone flight app is (data)based on Raima’s embedded RDM

Seattle, Wa. – Birdstep Technology's Raima subsidiary has just released an iPhone application based on its RDM Embedded Database, designed to provide direct flight information in real-time.

According to Thomas DeLeon, Raima Engineer and developer of the AirportSearch application, it is a front end to data to a RDM Embedded database called OpenFlights. The application allows users to search over 5,000 airports, over 9,000 airlines, and over the 50,000 routes connecting them.

What is truly unique is not the app itself, he said, but the nature of the database underneath, as compared to similar apps on other mobile phones.

“Historically, for a native database on the iPhone platform, developers used SQLite,” he said. “This application, on the other hand, uses the RDM Embedded database engine for its data storage and access. In fact, there are no SQL statements used at all in the AirportSearch application. Everything is done through RDM Embedded's native d_API which is a navigation API utilizing the network database model.

“This allows the use of sets and direct pointers to database records resulting in very fast and efficient data access.”

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