SOFTWARE TOOLS: Klocwork brings Insight to Android Java code -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Klocwork brings Insight to Android Java code

Burlington, Mass. – Klockwork has extended its Insight Java static source code analysis tool to support the Android platform, Google's software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware, and applications.

According to Gwyn Fisher, Klocwork's CTO, the tool now includes a customized set of defect checkers with knowledge of Android APIs to deliver accurate, relevant results to software developers creating applications for the platform.Klocwork Insight's Java code analysis engine provides scalable, inter-procedural analysis of source code that is already in use by mobile device and smart phone software developers globally.

With customized defect checkers, developers can not only leverage Klocwork's core analysis library but harness a built-in awareness of Android APIs to identify a variety of bugs that can cause runtime failure. These include such things as NULL pointer exceptions, resource leaks, and usages of freed resources — issues that can be critical to the reliability of embedded and mobile devices.

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