SOFTWARE TOOLS: Lifecycle development comes to complex critical software projects -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Lifecycle development comes to complex critical software projects


LONDON — LDRA (Wirral, UK), and Visure Solutions (Madrid, Spain), have cooperated to provide an end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) system for the embedded space.

LDRA is a provider of automated software verification tools while Visure Solutions supplies requirements definition and management tools.

The pair say the jointly developed application lifecycle management solution will be the first to help companies accomplish embedded software engineering objectives by integrating project management, requirements management, architecture, coding, software configuration management testing and documentation.

The ALM tool automates and enforces processes between the stages of development, manage relationships between assets produced by the software development project, and offer transparency and metrics through reports on development as it progresses.

It is designed to prevent failure to track requirements through design, analysis and into testing stages which result in 85 percent of all software errors and a lack of transparency and metrics.

It should also overcome organizational isolation which prevents software developers from discussing system integration issues with mechanical or electronic engineers as a result of requirements repositories being separate from most development and verification activities.

The companies say that most ALM project tools are geared for IT implementations and fail to support many of the critical objectives of embedded application project. “Software-driven advances offer the opportunity to meet customer demand for more functionality and improve the quality of products,” said Baldo Rincn, Managing Director of Visure Solutions.

“However, failure to manage requirements through the development process lowers quality and productivity, increasing development costs and time to market. Our strength in requirements definition and management will ensure the updates and changes that are part of any software development lifecycle will automatically be fed into the requirements traceability, analysis and testing — the competencies that LDRA brings to the table.”

Bill StClair, LDRA Technical Evangelist added, “Our customers, particularly in the safety-, mission- and security-critical spaces, daily face the challenge of certifying software that is becoming increasing complex and unwieldy. We hope to provide them with a solution that coherently connects the extensive details inherent in an embedded application with an overall system perspective so that developers and managers alike can collaborate, communicate and work together effectively.”

LDRA and Visure will provide more information on the integrated ALM solution at Embedded World in N¼rnberg, in March.

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