SOFTWARE TOOLS: LSP Embedded Web Server/tutorial available as downloads -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: LSP Embedded Web Server/tutorial available as downloads

Orange County, Calif. – Real Time Logic announces the availability of a combined demonstration and tutorial of the Barracuda Embedded Web Server.

The freely available download contains two precompiled web servers specifically designed for evaluating and running Lua Server Pages (LSP) applications. LSP is one of the many available Barracuda Web Server plugins. LSP compresses enterprise server functionality into a small and extremely fast embedded web server.

LSP uses Lua, a lightweight functional programming language, designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal. Lua is particularly useful in devices with limited resources due to its small size compared to other scripting languages.

Lua is also extremely fast and can easily be extended to control and supervise devices. Lua makes it possible for developers to dynamically load applications in a running system and to upgrade running applications without restarting the server and/or application.

Although sophisticated web applications can easily be designed in C or C++ code by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server, the LSP plugin further enhances and simplifies development thus considerably reducing the development time.

Technically, the Barracuda Embedded Web Server is an application server that includes a web server. As as opposed to a standard web server, it is specifically designed for making it easy to make web applications.

The Barracuda Embedded Web Server provides a wealth of functionality, all available to Lua scripts. The Barracuda Embedded Web Server is unique in the way the server components can be assembled dynamically by using a scripting language.

For example, a Lua script can dynamically create web server resources such as WebDAV file servers and Web File Managers. These resources can be dynamically installed into the web server's “virtual file system”.

The free download includes five LSP applications delivered as ZIP files. The two web servers can load ZIP files without requiring unzipping. Some of the applications are designed as tutorials, while others showcase the capabilities of the server. The download contains the following LSP applications:

1) A complete database driven Content Management System (CMS) developed using LSP and the integrated SQLite database engine. The CMS, which showcases the capabilities of the server, includes WYSIWYG editors that use web-services when communicating with the server. The CMS is also compatible with Microsoft Live Writer and other MetaWeblog XML-RPC compliant editors.

2) The Do-It-Yourself tutorial includes an interactive shell that makes it possible to dynamically assemble web server components. The shell executing in the server provides a web-based console in the browser. Thus, the shell makes prototyping simple. Follow the tutorial or write your own customized code.

3) A hangman game designed in LSP.

4) The complete Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK documentation, including the C API's.

5) A basic LSP demonstration program that developers can use as a base for writing their first LSP application.

The two precompiled web servers included in the download contain the following components:

* Barracuda Embedded Web-Server
* Eventhandler (Asynchronous bi-directional HTTP(S) protocol)
* Lua Server Pages (LSP)
* SharkSSL SSL/TLS stack for Barracuda
* SQLite database and Lua SQL bindings
* WebDAV Server and Web File Manager
* Web Services

The free demonstration and tutorial can be downloaded from To learn more, go to

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