SOFTWARE TOOLS - McObject unveils new version of its embedded real time database system -

SOFTWARE TOOLS – McObject unveils new version of its embedded real time database system


Issaquah, WA – McObject has announced general availability of version 4.0 of its eXtremeDB real-time, embedded database system with extensive enhancements for multicore platforms.

Among the enhancements to Version 4.0 are a multi-version concurrency control (mvcc) transaction manager, new index structures, new data index algorithms, support for logical database devices and a new application programming interface.

According to McObject co-founder Steve Graves, with the Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) Transaction Manager it is now possible to regulate access to the database to eliminate locking.

With this feature developers can improve scalability and performance, especially in applications with many tasks or processes, and on multicore systems.

He said eXtremeDB 4.0 adds support for the KD Tree, a data index that eases development, accelerates data processing and enables developers to add efficient query features. Also, the data index algorithms in eXtremeDB 4.0 are optimized for the MVCC Transaction Manager and deliver faster performance.

Graves said McObject's 4.0 release introduces the concept of logical database devices, which simplifies commands to create a database, whether in memory or on persistent storage, or both.

The new feature also adds techniques for performance optimization and database recovery when working with two or more storage devices, be they spinning disks or Solid State Disks.

eXtremeDB 4.0 expands developer toolset with a new Uniform Database Access API, a “one size fits all” function library native to C/C++ which can be used across all projects.

eXtremeDB now also provides a project-specific native interface, as well as APIs supporting industry-standard SQL.

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