SOFTWARE TOOLS: Mocana delivers 30x Security speedup for Freescale CPUs -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Mocana delivers 30x Security speedup for Freescale CPUs


San Jose, Ca. – Embedded security provider Mocana has announced the availability of its Device Security Framework software, specially optimized for Freescale's PowerQUICC communications processor architecture.

According to Raja Tabet, vice president of Software R&D for Freescale's Networking & Multimedia Group, the combination of Mocana's Device Security Framework and Freescale's PowerQUICC encryption-enabled processors with integrated crypto security acceleration allows communications equipment manufacturers to build and secure high-performance systems much more quickly and inexpensively.

Adrian Turner, Mocana's chief executive officer said DSF supports virtually all popular embedded operating systems, including Linux as well as solutions from Wind River, MontaVista, Green Hills, QNX, ThreadX and others.

Tabet said that using the Mocana DSF software with PowerQUICC II, PowerQUICC II Pro or PowerQUICC III encryption enabled embedded processors for encrypted VPN traffic helps to deliver 20x-30x better performance than software-only security.

Significant advantages in both throughput and reduced CPU utilization are clear, especially when benchmarked against open source security protocol stacks, he said.

A simple API makes it easy for developers to embed super-fast security into their projects based on Freescale technologies, he said, potentially saving product teams hundreds of thousands in engineering costs, and potentially millions of dollars in testing and support costs.

The Device Security Framework for Freescale Processors is available now from Mocana for most PowerQUICC encryption enabled processors.”>

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