SOFTWARE TOOLS: Parallel C/C++ static code analyzer for OpenMP released -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: Parallel C/C++ static code analyzer for OpenMP released

San Francisco, Ca. – To aid developers of parallel programs using the OpenMP extensions, OOO Program Verification Systems has released Version 1.0 of its VivaMP static code C/C++ analyzer.

VivaMP 1.00 is designed to identify errors in programs that use OpenMP technology. In other words, VivaMP is a lint-like static C/C++ code analyzer meant to indicate errors in parallel programs based on OpenMP technology.

VivaMP static analyzer adds much to the abilities of the existing compilers, diagnoses any parallel code which has some errors or is an eventual source of such errors.

The main advantage of static analyzer is that there is no necessity to start an application; it does not depend upon the hardware environment. Static analysis allows embracing the entire program code.

The process of code verification is not able to damage the code itself. The process of analysis is entirely controlled by the developer, and it is he who decides whether it is necessary to modify it.

VivaMP's supports verification of code correctness of OpenMP-based applications as well as help in mastering OpenMP and its integration into the existing projects. It is also useful for developing parallel applications which use resources more efficiently and error searching in the existing OpenMP applications.

VivaMP 1.0 is an AddIn module for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008. Integrating into this environment, the analyzer can test C and C++ applications in which OpenMP is used.

The analyzer lets developers in detecting errors resulting from lack of knowledge of OpenMP syntax and insufficient understanding of OpenMP working principles as well as errors of incorrect work with common memory, synchronization errors and performance errors.

VivaMP doesn't require that it be launched from the application. It comes with a Help system which describes all the possible problems and — more importantly — suggests ways to solve them.

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