SOFTWARE TOOLS - PetaLogix Launches First Linux SDK for FPGA-based Embedded Systems -

SOFTWARE TOOLS – PetaLogix Launches First Linux SDK for FPGA-based Embedded Systems

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – FPGA software provider PetaLogix has just introduced its PetaLinux SDK, a new system development software product to allow designers to build, customize and employ Embedded Linux on Xilinx FPGA-based embedded processor applications.

Introduced in conjunction with a design kit from Xilinx, the company claims that its PetaLinux SDK is the first commercially available Embedded Linux development environment specifically designed for FPGA-based embedded systems.

According to John Williams, PetaLogix CEO, PetaLinux is unique in embracing the flexibility of FPGA-based embedded systems where the hardware platform is customized to suit the particular design application.

“It improves on competing options by integrating with the Xilinx embedded design flow to manage and largely automate the creation and customization of Embedded Linux in electronic systems,” he said.

It includes a full system simulator that is automatically configured to match the target embedded system architecture, allowing advanced development of the customer's Embedded Linux platform and software stack before the users' hardware boards are available.

Typical applications for PetaLinux include industrial test, measurement, control, control-plane applications for video broadcast, wireless communications and networking system designs where the processing power and design flexibility of FPGAs are required and designers wish to exploit the benefits of Embedded Linux as the software operating system.

PetaLinux is available now as design tool from PetaLogix, licensed on a per-developer basis starting from $4,000 USD for a 12-month license with a range of support options. Multi-seat, site and enterprise licenses are available. There are no per-unit royalty or license fees payable for customers to ship Embedded Products built with PetaLinux SDK. To learn more, go to

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