SOFTWARE TOOLS: PolyCore Eclipse tool maps multicore topologies -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: PolyCore Eclipse tool maps multicore topologies


Burlingame, Calif. – PolyCore Software has just released its Poly-Mapper Multicore Communications Topology Mapping Tool, an Eclipse GUI based tool for rapid creation of validated multicore communications topologies.

With Poly-Mapper, said Sven Brehmer, President and CEO of PolyCore Software and chairman for the Multicore Association's MCAPI working group, multicore application developers can rapidly and accurately create, configure and reconfigure multicore communications topologies enabling them to focus on how to partition and distribute the application across multiple cores.

“Being able to quickly remap functions to different cores and to reconfigure the topology resources allows the developer to make several iterations in a short period of time to find a good balance between performance and resource utilization,” he said.

Wizards and dropdown menus assist the the developer in creating the topology and its properties are conveniently accessed through multiple views. The model based Topology-Map is validated, reducing programming errors, and scalable from simple to complex multicore systems.

The Poly-Mapper, Poly-GeneratorTM and Poly-Messenger combination, he said, provides a flexible, easy to use multicore communications platform. Poly-Generator processes the Topology-Map, validates its accuracy, and generates an optimized C-based topology definition (shortest path between nodes) consisting of one set of files (.c + .h) for each node in the topology.

The application and topology are combined through a standard compile and link with the Poly-Messenger/MCAPI runtime libraries. The combination provides as standardized communications API, hardware abstraction, system discovery and a clean separation between application and topology often allowing remapping and reconfiguration to be done without changing the application again.

“Multicore and distributed system developers are challenged by the need to synchronize manage and coordinate data flowing between multiprocessors or boards,” said Brehmer.

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