Software tools promise easy peer-to-peer connections -

Software tools promise easy peer-to-peer connections

Houston—Building on Internet standards like TCP/IP, HTTP, and XML, the RTXC Quadnet UPnP software development kit from RTOS vendor Quadros Systems, Inc. is being touted as the first of its kind to focus on forging effortless&#151in particular, consumer friendly&#151plug-and-play peer-to-peer network connections among embedded systems. Target products and applications include consumers electronics, home automation and security, computers, peripherals, and network appliances.

Using the kit's software, devices are able to dynamically obtain an IP address, join a network, and announce their capabilities to other devices, all without the need for configuration. When disconnected, devices exit the network gracefully.

Elements of the design kit include a device control protocol, Web server, simple service discovery protocol, general event notification architecture, simple object access protocol, and a device code generator.

The RTXC Quadnet UpnP software development kit is available now, with project licenses starting at under $35,000.

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