Software tools tackle AMD's trio of Geode NX processors -

Software tools tackle AMD’s trio of Geode NX processors


Brookline, Mass.—The OCDemon family of design, debugging, and programming software for corresponding hardware from Macraigor Systems LLC has been expanded to include support for Advanced Micro Devices' trio of Geode NX processors. Other variants of that processor family will be supported as they appear.

The support covers updates to the OCDemon's free, prebuilt GNU tool suite to include sample configurations for AMD evaluation boards. The configurations include source, gdbinit, and “make” files for each board. Also, a demonstration program lets you build, download, and debug via gdb using only two commands.

The OCDemon family of debugging tools for AMD's Geode NX processor are available now and include the OCDemon flash programmer, flash access, and target access products. Each sells for $500 for the first license; $100 for incremental licenses. OCD Commander, an assembly language debugger, and OCD Remote, the GNU tool suite, are available free of charge from the Macraigor Web site.

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