SOFTWARE TOOLS: TRACE32 PowerDebug supports Infineon's XC2000ED -

SOFTWARE TOOLS: TRACE32 PowerDebug supports Infineon’s XC2000ED


Hhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Germany ” Lauterbach's debuggers now support Infineon's XC2000ED. The XC2000ED emulation device is used in place of XC2xxx or XE16x during the software development phase. By using XC2000ED instead of series chips, developers can use more methods to analyze software and detect errors.

In addition to its series chip functions, this device is equipped with on-chip trace functionality and an advanced trigger unit, the Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS). Lauterbach supports all additional features.

Program flow and/or data access are recorded by means of on-chip trace in real time. The recordings can be given a time stamp. Statistical evaluations can be performed during runtime; code manipulation is not necessary.

The advanced trigger unit also supports selective recording of program parts or variables and their contents. The navigation for the MCDS functions is completely integrated in the TRACE32 PowerView interface.

TRACE32 PowerDebug can be connected to XC2000ED over JTAG or Device Access Port (DAP).

C166SV2 Debugger requires only a software update and a Trace license to support the new features.

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