Software upgrade doubles test capacity for memory devices -

Software upgrade doubles test capacity for memory devices


Ontario, Canada — An enhanced version of test control software (TCS) for MOSAID Technologies Inc.'s MS4205 family of memory test systems doubles the test capacity for memory chips to 8-Gbits, a key requirement for high-density NAND flash chips used in media storage products.

TCS is the test program development and run-time software for the company's MS4205 family of systems, which test memory devices with data rates of up to 832 Mbits/s per pin.

TCS version 8 includes new format controls used for flash device testing. Its analysis test capability has been enhanced with better resolution by increasing the number of steps along an axis to 8192 from 1024.

A new toolbar design improves graphical user interface (GUI) ergonomics and multiple device command definitions have been added for a single device cycle typically used for DDR2 DRAM device testing.

TCS version 8 enables users to capture, display and analyze bit-maps for memory chips up to 8-Gbits in density, the largest monolithic memory chips available.

Existing memory test customers with software support agreements can login to access the new TCS 8 software at

Users can also purchase an offline TCS license to operate the software on a PC for program development of data analysis.

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