Software upgrade improves signal analysis -

Software upgrade improves signal analysis

Version 2.0 of the NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab (SPL) software adds sophisticated time/frequency domain analysis, including spectrographic displays.

SPL is an signal processing and data analysis software package that provides an interactive 3D programmable signal environment. Its enables the acquisition  and analysis of data in real time or from disk files.

Also added to Version 2.0 include advanced features such as topographical measurement markers, selectable frequency transforms  for enhanced analysis, time tracking of signals across domains, and  project support for efficient management of waveform data.  The introduction of gesture-based panning similar to tablet computers provides for convenient manipulation of both large and small waveform data sets.  

The drag-and-drop interface has been augmented to allow for the quick introduction of a variety of waveform data files.  In addition to its support for standard sound cards, the 2.0 release now adds real-time support for dedicated data acquisition hardware as well as digital filter design and implementation capabilities.  

An interactive 3D rotation feature and zoom-in capability now allows for better analysis of data from all angles even while acquiring data live.

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