Solar projects gain funding -

Solar projects gain funding


LONDON — Fifteen new solar photovoltaic (PV) energy projects across the UK will receive almost £1million in funding, bringing the total amount awarded to medium and large-scale projects since the Government established its scheme in 2002 to £17.4million.

Part of the Government's aim to see the UK generating 10 per cent of its electricity needs from renewable resources by 2010, the solar PV grant programme is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry and managed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Since the establishment of the scheme, 166 medium and large-scale projects from throughout the UK have been granted funding and on completion will generate 5391kWp of electricity.

London's National Maritime Museum will get an installation to generate renewable energy for the site. It will also incorporate it into an Eco-exhibition, where the use of solar power will be discussed and the photovoltaic system's monitoring equipment will form part of the exhibit.

Another investment will be on the remote Scottish island of Foula, Shetland's most westerly island, with a population of just 31. It is completely isolated from the national grid and must generate all its power locally. The grant will be used to build a hybrid system that will provide 100 per cent of the island's power requirements through the use of a photovoltaic array fitted to the community hall roof and a hydro electric plant.

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