Solid tantalum chip capacitors fit small spaces -

Solid tantalum chip capacitors fit small spaces


Vishay Intertechnology launched a series of low-profile, high-capacitance solid tantalum chip capacitors packaged in a compact P case size designed to enhance reliability while making room for greater functionality in compact electronics. Part of the Vishay Sprague Tantamount product line, the capacitors in the 572D series are designed for I/O buffering, dc-to-dc conversion, and noise suppression applications in PDAs, cell phones, LCD display drives, and other handheld and portable appliances.

The capacitors measure 2.2 by 1.25 by 1.0 mm. The capacitance ratings for the devices are 10 ΜF at 10 WVdc and 33 ΜF at 6.3 WVdc with tolerances of 10% and 20% (standard). Tantalum capacitors in the 572D family are conformal-coated and are available in 8- and 12-mm tape-and-reel packaging per EIA4811 and reeling per IEC 2863. The devices in the P case size are specified for an operating temperature range of -55° C to +85° C, or up to +125° C with voltage derating.

Samples and production quantities of the 572D capacitors are available now, with lead times of 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders. Pricing ranges from $0.12 to $0.15. More information is available at

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