Solution for Profibus-DP -

Solution for Profibus-DP


The ApplicomIO is an industrial communication solution for the Profibus-DP network and is designed for use with control and command automation applications.

An interface card and a complete set of software tools completes the ApplicomIO family to provide a reliable and deterministic solution for real-time communication with I/O devices.

It provides automatic detection and configuration of devices, direct access to I/O data, and online diagnostic, to make this solution user-friendly for those with no previous knowledge of fieldbuses and specifically, Profibus-DP.

ApplicomIO is based on a smart board range of PCI and PC/104 bus formats and supports communications up to 12Mbps on Profibus. Each board supports simultaneous operation of Profibus DP master Class 1 & 2 and Profibus DP slave.

ApplicomIO provides connectivity between a PC-based control application and software interfaces including data servers (OPC, DDE, SuiteLink), drivers for Soft Logics (InControl, ISaGRAF, WizPLC) and development libraries (ActiveX control, DLL, VenturCom RTX/DCX), making it suitable for systems integrators and machine manufacturers/OEMs who require its plug and play functionality and development tools.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) April 2002

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