source code with Embedded FAT16 File System for download -

source code with Embedded FAT16 File System for download


1)Compatible with FAT16 file system, long filename, the maximum length of path name is260 bytes, in compliance with Microsoft Long file name specification.2)Can be able to migrate inter multi-platforms, only need to write the read/write sector driver,in summary two functions: 1£©read_flash_sector () 2£©write_flash_sector ().3)File buffer capabilities: 1£©When reading of the file, the current position is located withinThe current buffer, and be read the buffer directly, instead of read physical sectors. Thebuffer size can be adjusted by the compile macro EnableFileBuf,TotalFileBUFsQTYeachFCB, FileBUFSize.4)Can be able to open more than one file at the same time. The maximum allowed files openedcan be setup by the compile macro, the maximum value of MaximumFCB is limited notexcessively the number of 254.5)File protective function: the file can be opened multi-time by FCB(File control Block), butonly first one opened FCB obtained the full read/write permission of the file. Other FCBs are all read-only permission. This function fully implemented by the file system code, the application users are not needed to write specific codes. 6)All compile macro is stored at the file fat_cfg.h for user to configure the FAT file system.

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