SourceMeter optimized for low voltage testing -

SourceMeter optimized for low voltage testing

Keithley Instruments Inc. has expanded Series 2400 SourceMeter instrument family with the 2401  with source and measurement unit capabilities at 20V and 1A signal levels.

It is optimized for high precision test applications such as current vs. voltage (I V) characterization of photovoltaic (solar) cells, high brightness LEDs (HBLEDs), low voltage materials, and semiconductor devices, as well as resistance measurements.

The 2401 operates and is programmed in exactly the same way as the other series 2400 family member units within its 1A/20V range boundaries. It also integrates a highly stable DC power source with a true instrument-grade 5-1/2 or 6-1/2-digit multimeter in a single enclosure.

It can act as a voltage source, a current source, a voltmeter, an ammeter, and an ohmmeter, and provides four-quadrant bipolar and automatic source/sink operation.

Operating in I vs. V quadrants 1 or 3, it operates as a source, delivering power to a load. In quadrants 2 or 4, it operates as a sink, dissipating power internally from an external source such as a PV cell or other energy source.

It is suitable for a variety of both benchtop and system applications with low voltage requirements and with limited test hardware budgets such as high brightness LED forward/reverse I-V and LIV (light-current-voltage) testing, and solar cell efficiency test (source and sink current) as well as precision DC load characterization, replacing readback supplies or supply/DMM combinations, which typically provide insufficient accuracy (IDDQ testing).

Other applications include active/passive component test, voltage/current/resistance measurements, battery operation validation for portable electronic devices, the characterization of implantable medical devices (pacemakers, etc.) and low-leakage electronic device/circuits (forward/reverse, transistor gain/leakage).

It can be used to calibrate  3-1/2- to 4-1/2-digit data acquisition boards, meters, and DMMs.

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