SourcePoint 6.9 supports new cores and trace sources -

SourcePoint 6.9 supports new cores and trace sources

Arium’s most recent version of their SourcePoint debugger for ARM includes support for new cores and trace sources. As with all recent SourcePoint versions, Arium’s lineup of JTAG-based debuggers and trace port analyzers (TPA) are supported.  This includes the basic LC-500S JTAG interface, the
HS-1000 and Arium’s flagship LX-1000.  The LX-1000 can capture CoreSight trace at a higher throughput than any other TPA on the market. With the LX-SER input adaptor, Arium’s LX-1000 can record six 6.25 GHz input streams for a total gross bandwidth of 37.5 Gbs. This bandwidth provides developers with a more complete trace capture ensuring meaningful events will be captured.

SourcePoint 6.9 adds support for several new CoreSight items including A9, R5, and M0 cores.  It also adds support for trace sources including Program Trace Macrocell (PTM) and Instruction Trace
Macrocell (ITM).

SourcePoint 6.9 contains performance improvements which speed up the entire debug process. Two significant new features are the Graphical Calls chart (attached) and the GUI for funnel control. The new Graphical calls chart allows a developer to look at a graphical representation of huge amounts (gigabytes) of instruction trace, identify specific problem areas, and drill down to find the root cause of the problem.  The funnel control tool includes automatic topology detection features.  Setting up CoreSight trace experiments
is easier than ever.

A beta version of SourcePoint 6.9 can be downloaded here.

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