Space Codesign releases new HW/SW co-design tools -

Space Codesign releases new HW/SW co-design tools

At the ARM Technical Conference in Santa Clara, Ca., Space Codesign Systems announced the availability of Version 2.4 of its SpaceStudio ESL hardware/software co-design software for SoC embedded systems development.

Version 2.4 introduces support for AMP in multiprocessor-based designs in an environment that carries out automated hardware software partitioning. According to Guy Bois, President and Founder of Space Codesign, engineers can now better explore their design options with modern multicore architectures such as the dual-core ARM Cortex- A9 processor featured in the latest Xilinx and Altera flagship FPGA’s.

This results in optimal performance of SoC embedded systems, he said,which accelerates the development process and lowers development costs.

“AMP has become a major concern for our customers in key markets like aerospace and multimedia as they deal with multiple processor designs, sometimes each having different responsibilities” said Bois. To address this, he said,  SpaceStudio Version 2.4 now offers engineers the ability to create embedded systems with heterogeneous operating systems (or even bare metal).

He said that with the use of version 2.4, system architects will see a drastic improvement in their time-to-market with such capabilities as a drag and drop mechanism that allows engineers to perform hardware/software partitioning faster, lowering development costs and resulting in improved design quality.

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