Spansion expands Traveo family for automotive apps -

Spansion expands Traveo family for automotive apps


Spansion Inc. has introduced the latest member of its Spansion Traveo microcontroller family aimed at rich human machine interfaces (HMI) in automotive dashboards. Spansion is integrating its HyperBus interface with its ARM Cortex-R5-based embedded Traveo MCU, enabling seamless connections with HyperBus memories, including Spansion HyperFlash memory, to provide customers design simplification and faster performance in automotive systems.

The latest Traveo family delivers state-of-the-art 2D and 3D graphics, which Spansion has optimized to bring automotive specific graphics functions into the car without increased power and BOM requirements. As the first 3D-capable ARM Cortex-R5 cluster MCU, Spansion's graphics engine provides greater memory savings, increased safety features and rich image capabilities, without the need for external video RAM. These, in turn, help manufacturers take advantage of lower overall system costs to proliferate the advanced driver experience previously reserved for luxury automotive brands.

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Spansion is launching two variations of the Traveo graphics solutions: the S6J324C series enables 2D graphics while the S6J326C variant supports both 2D and 3D graphics. Both series support the Spansion HyperBus interface. The scalable solution offers easy upgrade paths from 2D to 3D. In addition to the strong graphics feature-set, the solution includes enhanced and next-generation connectivity, supporting a wide range of communications protocols, including CAN-FD and Ethernet AVB, as well as advanced graphics interfaces such as LVDS PHY and RSDS. It also contains extensive multimedia support with a cutting-edge sound system combining 16-bit audio DAC and multi-channel mixer. Additionally, all device variants have the universal footprint with consistent packaging and pin-outs, enabling users to migrate from one device to another without having to alter board layouts, quickening time to market.

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