Spansion launches PMICs for IoT energy harvesting -

Spansion launches PMICs for IoT energy harvesting


Spansion Inc. has launched a new family of power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for energy harvesting that can enable a greener Internet of Things (IoT) by eliminating the need for – or extending the life of – batteries in IoT devices, from wearable electronics to the nodes in wireless sensor networks. Coupled with Spansion's low-power MCUs and the energy-budget calculator in the Spansion Easy DesignSim support tool , the Spansion Energy Harvesting PMICs offer a differentiated solution that can help customers offer more eco-friendly devices across a broad spectrum of applications.

The Spansion Energy Harvesting family includes the MB39C811, an ultra-low-power buck PMIC with dual input that enables efficient harvesting from both solar and vibration energy; and the MB39C831, an ultra-low-voltage boost PMIC for solar or thermal. The Spansion Energy Harvesting family of devices works seamlessly with Spansion FM0+ microcontrollers (MCUs), ultra-low-power microcontrollers (based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core) for industrial and cost-sensitive applications with low-power requirements.

The Spansion Easy DesignSim, a comprehensive online design support tool with the industry's only energy-budget calculator, simplifies application design by calculating the energy-budget balance while providing a recommended bill of materials (BOM) list that can be purchased online.

Spansion Energy Harvesting presentation
Spansion Energy Harvesting video demonstrations

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