Spansion rolls out industrial grade e.MMCC NAND flash -

Spansion rolls out industrial grade e.MMCC NAND flash


Spansion Inc. , has this week launched a family of industrial-grade e.MMC NAND memory products for the consumer, communication and industrial equipment markets.

According to Touhid Raza, director, Spansion NAND Product Marketing and Business Development, the new e-MMC S4041-1B1 devices are offered in 8GB and 16GB densities and temperature ranges from -40C to +85C.

“Embedded systems for industrial/medical, networking and durable consumer applications have stringent requirements and our customers are placing the highest priority on data protection and reliability,” he said. The new Spansion e.MMC family complements Spansion's leading portfolio of parallel and serial NOR flash memory, and SLC NAND flash memory for embedded applications.

Raza said the new e.MMC products use high-density MLC NAND that can be configured into modes that allow for higher reliability, better data protection and enhanced data security.

The Spansion e.MMC S4041-1B1 family supports the JEDEC e.MMC 4.51 command set and also includes support for select e.MMC 5.0 features such as the field firmware update, health self-monitoring and automatic background operations.

Raza siad the new devices have been subjected to rigorous testing for abrupt power failure that allows for high levels of data protection in case of power disruption. The firmware is optimized for efficient performance for embedded use cases, giving the product longer useful life for its targeted customer base.

The S4041-1B1 products can be used with Spansion's Memory Diagnostics Toolkit, a diagnostics, analytics, configuration and programmer toolkit intended for engineers validating Spansion's memory solutions products for their embedded applications. He said the toolkit simplifies the configuration and aids in validation of the e.MMC device which can lead to faster memory qualification cycles for customers.

Volume productions of Spansion's S4041-1B1 products are available now in 8GB and 16GB densities. Package options include 153 BGA (0.5mm ball pitch) and 100 BGA (1.0mm ball pitch) packages. Temperature options include -25C to +85C and -40C to +85C. Spansion plans to introduce 4GB, 32GB and 64GB densities in the future.

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