Spansion targets automotive with new Cortex-R5 based MCUs -

Spansion targets automotive with new Cortex-R5 based MCUs


Spansion Inc. has a new family of Traveo microcontrollers targeted at automotive applications that uses the ARM Cortex-R5 core for use in high performance, enhanced human-machine interfaces, high-security and advanced networking apps.protocols

Tailored for automotive applications such as electrification, body electronics, battery management, automotive cluster displays, and HVAC and ADAS, the devices feature dual ARM Cortex-R5 cores with 2MB of embedded flash and operates at 200 MHz.

The dual-core structure on a single chip has two interface circuits for resolver sensors for motor control, and two unique hardware IP for motor control operations. Each core has a built-in floating point unit (FPU) and operates at 1.66DMIPS/MHz, with each motor running independently but monitoring the operation of each other. The system's reliability is achieved with a memory protection unit, error correction code (ECC), parity error detection and correction functions.

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