Spark stays one step ahead in SDN with secure router gateway -

Spark stays one step ahead in SDN with secure router gateway

Looking to stay one step ahead in the fast changing SDN (software defined network) environment, Spark Integration Technologies, Inc., has just released its newest Version 4 of its Distrix Gateway Router.

According to Jay Friedman, president of Spark Integration Technologies, it is based on open software-defined network (SDN) technology and adds an array of features that substantially extend the software's ability to dynamically create highly secure connections across local- and wide-area networks.

He said the Distrix Gateway forms a virtual network overlay that runs on top of existing networks, making them simple, secure and resilient and has been enhanced through the addition of three capabiolities: 1) extended monitoring visibility into network flows; 2) a new service-controller application to effectively configure and control flows; and 3) an extended RESTful application programming interface (API) to allow external applications complete dynamic control over network service creation and monitoring.

This means, said Friedman, that organizations can easily extend and scale their existing remote connectivity, such as that provided by today’s virtual private networks.

“Dynamic provisioning is simple and requires no network reconfiguration when an application or device needs a connection, while still meeting IT security policies,” he said.

By using multi-path routing and intelligent traffic management services, networks become self-healing and self-optimizing, making them especially adept in dealing with bandwidth-constrained connections and unreliable links.

Also, enhanced security has been added to reduce the overall attack surface of the network and of user applications, eliminating major vulnerabilities hackers try to exploit.

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