Spartan FPGA first device on NanoBoard 3000 -

Spartan FPGA first device on NanoBoard 3000


LONDON — Altium has added to its family of FPGA-based development boards with the NanoBoard 3000 which comes with hardware, software, ready-to-use, royalty-free IP and a dedicated Altium Designer Soft Design license.

The first NanoBoard 3000 features a Xilinx Spartan 3AN FPGA. Two more NanoBoards, featuring Altera and Lattice FPGAs, are planned. In all three NanoBoard options, the FPGA is fixed. This distinguishes it from Altium's NanoBoard NB2, which features interchangeable FPGA daughter boards to allow on-the-fly comparisons and testing in a prototype design environment.

Designers can start with a purely 'soft' prototype on the NanoBoard, then deploy it into the field on the NanoBoard, or (with an upgrade to a board-level Altium Designer license) move seamlessly into PCB design.

Altium includes a range of reference designs and tutorials to get engineers designing immediately. More IP will be added in the future.

Designers using the NanoBoard 3000 will also have the option to deploy their designs in modular commercial enclosures from Altium. Available in a variety of sizes, these will let designers go from prototype to commercial product in one step, by snapping the NanoBoard 3000 into the enclosure.

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