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Specialist adds Souriau aerospace connectors


LONDON — Dunstable-based Souriau UK has appointed Avialec International as a specialist distributor for its range of aerospace airframe and engine connectors qualified to EN2997 and ESC10.

Peter Herbert, General Manager, SOURIAU UK, said, “Avialec has earned a reputation as a highly dedicated specialist distributor with a significant design-in capability. A partnership agreement with a technically committed company like Avialec will, I believe, be extremely beneficial for SOURIAU UK with the distributor’s expertise in providing technical assistance to design engineers as well as buyers for various OEMs”.

Avialec International was set up in1983 to specifically meet the requirements of the military/aerospace market. With the flexibility of becoming an assembly distributor of these high specification Souriau UK engine connectors qualified to ESC10 and EN2997, Avialec believes it will be able to offer the aerospace and military industry a much improved service than is currently available.

From left: Simon Comben, account manager, Souriau UK; Peter Herbert, general manager, Souriau UK; Jacques Kerkhofs, sales director, south east Europe and UK; Barrie Prescott, managing director, Avialec International; Sarah Innes, sales account manager, Avialec; and Kevin Wells, general manager, Avialec.

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