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Specialist unit helps with voice interfaces

Cologne, Germany — VoiceObjects, a voice application management systems (VAMS) developer, has set up a voice user interface (VUI) design group. The goal of the unit is to help customers and users get the most out of the capabilities of the VAMS VoiceObjects Factory. The company expects applications to be developed that callers will accept as equal to human telephone interactions.

The company believe that callers want to feel they are controlling the application, not that the application is bossing them around. Systems that deliver a pleasant “hear and feel” get the most out of the intuitive nature of spoken language

VoiceObjects Factory provides layer technology, which eases the creation of multilingual applications or provides multiple telephone “personalities” (also known as personas). A random prompting feature varies the dialog elements for similar tasks, such as greetings, to keep callers from experiencing boredom or monotony during the call. The inheritance feature allows the best in VUI design to be easily distributed throughout an application or even throughout a whole suite of applications.

Tom Houwing, who is heading up the new VUI Group at VoiceObjects, said, “User-friendly interfaces determine whether or not users will accept the voice application. A user-centred design is a key requirement for making the interface user-friendly. This requires many years' worth of experience and a detailed knowledge of different fields all the way from communication psychology to audio engineering.”

VoiceObjects Factory is based on the dynamic generation of speech dialogs from objects. These can be assembled into interactive dialogs of any complexity using integrated tools and modular elements without complex programming. The software is independent of manufacturer and supports such standards as VoiceXML and SALT.

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