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Specification eases AMBA designs


Cambridge, UK — ARM's AMBAAHB Cycle-Level Modeling Specification is available for download, enabling designers of complex systems to use IP built according to the interface specification for the exploration of AMBA methodology-based SoC architectures. Designers should be able to better explore AMBA designs earlier in the product cycle.

While the AMBA AHB Cycle-Level Modeling Specification is open and free of any charges to protect the integrity of AMBA technology, the specification is made available under a simple license agreement broadly in line with the AMBA 2.0 specification licensing agreement.

The specification is a fully cycle-accurate representation of the AMBA AHB protocol and enables the detailed exploration of AMBA interconnect issues and to co-validate their system models with RTL implementations. Besides full support of the AMBA AHB protocol, the Interface Specification includes the AHBlite protocol that has been adopted for high-performance bus-matrix architectures

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