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Sphere SP 2.0 realtime microkernel is 21Kbyte


Miray Software has developed the Sphere SP 2.0.microkernel to provide realtime performance for 32-bit processors. At 21Kbyte, it is suitable for embedded systems.

Sphere SP 2.0 speeds creation of multi-threaded realtime applications. Its field of application covers small and simple applications as well as huge and complex systems. It can be realized with a minimum of 116Kbyte of RAM – including microkernel and a 386 processor.

The Sphere SP 2.0 microkernel combines the five principles realtime, scalability, stability, small size and simplicity in a completely new way: It provides a compact kernel API with only 22 function calls.

An innovation in Sphere SP 2.0 is the IRQ handling mechanism, which is performed outside the privileged kernel mode. This has crucial advantages: drivers can't endanger the system's stability and reliability but writing drivers becomes easier.

For optimal employment on different platforms miray Software provides a number of options. Subsequently Sphere SP 2.0 can be adapted to the specific requirements.

Options include FPU support, different memory managers and processor-dependent kernel optimizations. Miray Software also offers the creation of customer specific drivers and libraries.

Sphere SP 2.0 already supports various processors of different manufacturers, including Intel, AMD and VIA. The amount of supported processors will be increased.Miray also supplies nOS and recently introduced version 0.93. This has a 70Kbyte microkernel, extended hardware support, support of up to 4Gbyte of RAM, a high level of stability and dynamic device drivers.

Miray Software is based in Munich.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) June 2002

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