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Spice circuit simulator runs faster

Santa Clara, Calif. — Legend Design Technology, Inc. has upgraded the MSIM high-accuracy Spice circuit simulator for Composite Current Source (CCS) models used in cell library characterization in SoC designs. The MSIM with Advanced CCS Control runs 5x-10x faster than most popular Spice simulators when characterizing the CCS Timing Model under PrimeTime accuracy requirement, according to the company.

To meet PrimeTime accuracy requirement, Spice simulation at fast input slew-rate and small output load need much tighter tolerances for simulation controls, which could increase the run time significantly, said Legend Design. However, for most slew-rates and loads in the table, it becomes unnecessary to apply those tighter tolerances forcorresponding simulation jobs. MSIM with Advanced CCS Control can automatically optimize the simulation tolerances and time-step controls for various input slew-rates and output loads.

Legend will be demonstrating MSIM, Turbo-MSIM, CharFlo-Cell! and CharFlo-Memory! at DAC 2008, Anaheim, Calif., Booth #1733.

Pricing: Starts at $15,000.
Availability: Available now.
Product information: MSIM

Legend Design Technology Inc. , www.legenddesign.com

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