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SpiceVision ported to 64-bit platforms


FREIBURG, Germany — Concept Engineering has enhanced its SpiceVision PRO tool to run on 64-bit platforms. The software is an interactive visualization tool for debugging and analysing SPICE circuits and models.

SpiceVision PRO Version 2.4 supports AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 running Linux, Intel Itanium 2 running Linux, IBM POWER4+ processors running AIX and Sun UltraSPARC processors running Solaris.

Version 2.4 provides improved performance and increased capacity, so that users can tackle much larger and more complex designs, better understand transistor-level structures, and debug at the full chip, block and IP level.

SpiceVision PRO produces clean, transistor-level schematics and schematic fragments from complex SPICE descriptions, helps engineers visualize the parasitic effects within complex deep-submicron designs, and reduces design and debug time at the SPICE netlist level. It takes SPICE descriptions and provides intuitive design navigation, schematic views, and design documentation.

An application program interface allows access to the internal database and graphical user interface. Using the TCL scripting language customers can analyze the design data and generate user-specific design reports and design checks as additional tool functions.

Circuit fragment views can be stored as separate SPICE netlist file, which can be transferred to a simulator. Such a partial simulation can run 10 to 100 times faster than a full circuit simulation.

SpiceVision OEM, a special version of version 2.4 for OEM integrators, provides a Data Base API to load circuit netlists. SpiceVision is an entry level version, supporting up to 2000 Spice components, but without support for TCL.

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