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Sponsored: Arrow launches free overnight shipment for all products in stock


In the current hypercompetitive business environment, companies cannot afford product delays or any service disruption, which puts pressure on engineers to deliver faster than ever before. As a result, these engineers need quick delivery of any critical components or products to ensure that they can finish their tasks on time.

Of course, overnight shipping has been available for years, but at a price. While most engineers and managers agree that the additional expense is inconsequential compared to the cost of an engineer or team wasting time waiting for a component, the extra expense often raises complaints from purchasing managers, who argue that it is an unnecessary cost.

This is why Arrow, recognizing the challenges engineers face in meeting product development deadlines, is introducing free overnight shipping for the millions of products it has in stock.

Free overnight shipment for all products in stock (Source: Arrow)

Simply order in-stock parts on Arrow.com with a minimum purchase of $20, and they'll arrive the next day without extra cost (no special code needed). With millions of quality components ready to ship, engineers can keep their designs moving forward today, tomorrow, and five years out.

“Free overnight shipping will help engineers accelerate their path to production,” said Darryl Shaper, VP of Digital Marketing for Arrow.com. “Having to wait for an order to be delivered is a thing of the past. Today's engineers need to quickly source the right components in order to continue driving innovation forward. Arrow recognizes this need and that's why we're offering free overnight shipping on all in-stock components.”

For the engineer, free overnight shipping eliminates the stress of lead-time ordering, where they must ensure that the parts they need are ordered well in advance, especially commodity components in high demand. Some distributors may have lead times of up to several months for certain parts; even for the ones that they have in stock, it could take a week or more to deliver.

Arrow's free overnight shipping offer also eliminates the challenge of order size — some distributors actually refuse to address an order request if it's too small. As long as the components are in stock and the minimum value of $20 is reached, Arrow will ship the order overnight, free of charge.

“The common narrative we're hearing from engineers is the inability to source the right components quickly,” said Allison Sabia, Vice President and General Manager of e-Commerce for Arrow's Global Components business. “We believe that free overnight shipping addresses this need and will help today's technology innovators create tomorrow's leading products.”

Where is your challenge as an engineer? In order to ensure your project is always on track and delivered on time, having all the tools and parts you need, when you need them, is critical to achieving these goals.

Arrow keeps over 3.8 billion components in stock, ready to ship, distributed throughout its warehouses around the globe, to ensure you can always get the fast delivery you need, no matter where you are. While it is impossible to have absolutely every electronic component in stock, the chances are that you'll find your needed part in Arrow's inventory as opposed to anywhere else.

Whether you handle sourcing yourself, or work with a managed manufacturing partner, your goals are always the same — to create an excellent product and to deliver it on time. In order to do that, you need to get the best parts quickly and without hassle. Arrow is making it a point to provide you with the support needed to help you drive innovation forward, day after day, week after week, and year after year.

Arrow's inventory of components is eligible for free overnight shipping immediately. To learn more, or to begin shopping, head to Arrow.com.

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