Spotlight topics for in 2018 -

Spotlight topics for in 2018


People have started asking us for the Editorial Calendar for 2018. At first, I thought, “What? We only just started 2017,” but then I realized that I must have blinked, because we're already at the tail-end of 2017. Where does the time go?

Regarding the editorial calendar, we will — of course — continue to publish articles across the embedded spectrum throughout the year. On top of this, we will be “Spotlighting” certain topics on a month-by-month basis; the following summarizes the topics for the first six months:

January 2018: Low power design vs. (hard) real-time
Low-power design once meant sacrificing the low-latency and deterministic response needed in hard real-time designs. Today, IoT developers can take advantage of more advanced MCUs and smart sensors that can meet most application performance requirements without compromising their tight power budgets.

February 2018: Security — attack surfaces; secure boot/update; secure storage; secure elements
Attempts to lock down embedded systems requires more than impenetrable encryption. Connected systems such as IoT devices present multiple attack surfaces that require protection through comprehensive security policies built on multiple hardware-based security mechanisms able to mitigate threats without compromising system performance.

March 2018: Low-power wireless access hardware/software
While IoT devices and complementary cloud-based resources provide the critical framework for IoT applications, low-power wireless access provides the critical backbone. In connecting devices to the cloud, developers face critical challenges for power consumption, range, compatibility, and more; fortunately, they can turn to a number of hardware/software solutions.

April 2018: Mesh network hardware/software
Mesh network technology can enhance the performance of connected systems such as IoT nodes and edge devices. Emerging solutions present a number of alternatives for addressing requirements for IoT networks encompassing thousands of diverse nodes and gateways.

May 2018: Rapid development kits (for IoT sensor nodes and gateways)
In building IoT applications, developers may discover that developing even seemingly simple IoT system designs can distract from creating the differentiated application itself. IoT-specific development kits address these concerns, providing near production-ready solutions for a broad range of IoT sensor node and gateway requirements.

June 2018: Sensor fusion (integrated, a.k.a. “smart,” sensors and SF libraries)
Sensor fusion combines raw data from multiple sensors to synthesize new information that cannot be obtained easily from any basic sensor. Smart sensors that integrate sensor fusion capabilities, coupled with specialized sensor-fusion software libraries, offer ready solutions that enable any developer to easily integrate sensor fusion into their IoT applications.

If you are a member of the community, then the above list will give you something to look forward to. If you are working for a company in any of the aforementioned spaces, then you should think about contributing one or more articles to share your ideas and expertise. If you are interested in contributing any articles, please contact Steve Evanczuk for more details.

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