ST adds automotive door-zone system chip -

ST adds automotive door-zone system chip

Automotive door-zone and rear-window controller adds power-trunk/tailgate capability.


In order to assist the integration of more automotive body electronics, STMicroelectronics has introduced a door-zone system IC enabling a single-chip front-drives-rear setup managing a front-door window, mirror, and lighting as well as the rear-window lift.

With these features, its new L99DZ200G IC delivers benefits that include lower system quiescent current, greater reliability, faster assembly, reduced bill of materials, and shorter development time.

It contains two H-bridge gate drivers, a gate driver for an external MOSFET to control mirror heating, a control block and high-side driver for electro-chromic mirror dimming, and five LED high-side drivers. Three of the high-side drivers can operate in constant-current mode to power lighting modules that have high input capacitance. The other two high-side drivers are suitable for controlling ordinary LEDs.

With its two H-bridge drivers, the L99DZ200G can control two spindle motors simultaneously and handle an additional cinch motor to close a powered tailgate or trunk. Both drivers allow operation in generator mode, which activates both low-side MOSFETs simultaneously to protect the device if an overvoltage is detected in the supply rail.

The L99DZ200G also provides power management, with two 5V low-dropout regulators for the host microcontroller and peripherals. Connections for control and communication include a LIN 2.2a (SAEJ2602, SAE J2962-1) transceiver, High-Speed CAN (HS-CAN, ISO 11898-2:2003 /-5:2007, SAE J2284, SAE J2962-2) transceiver, and SPI 4.0 interface.

Diagnostic and protection features include temperature monitoring and thermal protection, a dedicated failsafe block to pull down the gates of the external high-side MOSFETs, and open-load and overcurrent detection for all outputs. A current-monitor output pin is provided for each high-side channel. Overcurrent recovery and thermal expiration allow operation to resume automatically after a fault. There is also reverse-battery protection and system-safety features including a configurable window watchdog and programmable reset generator.

AEC-Q100 qualified, the L99DZ200G is in production now, packaged as a 10mm x 10mm LQFP64. Pricing starts from $4.2 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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