ST puts 'fun' into handheld prototyping -

ST puts ‘fun’ into handheld prototyping

STM32 Primer2 looks like a cell phone, has a zoomy color touchscreen, and even contains powerful audio capabilities–but cell phone it isn't.

Instead, the device actually enables product designers prove ideas quickly and independently, by adding rich features to a series of self-contained handheld platforms for embedded design.

The latest STM32 Primer2 has a 128×160-pixel color touchscreen, joystick/push button, extension connector and pre-loaded sample applications. There's also a built-in USB port, a MicroSD card slot, and other features, such as an accelerometer and an infrared transmitter/receiver, that allow users to quickly add extra capabilities and functions to their applications. All of these components are easy to manage through the built-in software framework, the open-source CircleOS.

ST's STM32 Primer for collaborative embedded development allows users to quickly turn a concept into an attractive-looking demonstrator. This is increasingly important for product innovators. A range of existing applications and an online community STM32Circle of approximately 6000 developers stimulate ideas and creativity. Using the STM32 Primer2, users can present a high-quality prototype, rather than a boring conventional engineering development board, creating a better first impression (and having fun).

ST first introduced Primer-based development with the ST7 Ultralite Primer with features including a buzzer, light-sensor and music applications. The first STM32 Primer was introduced in late 2007 and offered a new ergonomic design featuring a 128×128-pixel screen. Over 10,000 units have been shipped. Building on this success, the STM32 Primer2 adds extra benefits such as the larger screen with touch sensing and a Lithium-ion battery with features for extended battery life.

At the same time as providing a turnkey solution ready to run sample applications, ST's STM32 Primers come with the Raisonance Ride7 application development software, and the GNU C compiler. This allows embedded designers to use the Primer platform for complete development of complex end products. All necessary design resources are included, including source code for the pre-loaded applications, as well as software libraries for peripherals such as MEMS position sensors, the touchscreen and embedded audio components of the STM32 Primer2. The STM32 Primer2 also has a 20-pin external connector allowing easy connection of external circuit boards.

The STM32 Primer2 is in production now, and is available from all ST distributors at a recommended price of $49 each.

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