Staccato sets up European office in London -

Staccato sets up European office in London


LONDON — Staccato Communications, the San Diego-based developer of ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless technology and WiMedia-based certified wireless USB solutions, has launched its first European operation .

Staccato (Europe) Ltd., located in London, will initially focus on the support of UWB standards and regulatory efforts throughout Europe in conjunction with Ecma International (European Computer Manufacturers Association), ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and the U.K.'s OFCOM (Office of Communications), among others.

The company recently became an ETSI member and is working with Ecma and other standards bodies as part of the WiMedia Alliance. Staccato will conduct a demonstration of its Certified Wireless USB single-chip, all CMOS solutionat a Ecma meeting in Nice, France on December 8.

Rick Kornfeld, Chief Executive Officer and President of Staccato Communications, said, “We're committed to ensuring that European UWB policy enables commercialization of the technology as soon as possible while providing protection for incumbent spectrum services.”

Staccato's Ripcord products are single-chip, all-CMOS products integrated into system-in-package (SiP) solutions to enable sub-$10 cost per node, small form factor, low and efficient power consumption and 480 Mbps Certified Wireless USB connectivity. They integrate the radio frequency transceiver, baseband, MAC, processor, memory and I/O functionality. Staccato's Ripcord products are based on the WiMedia Alliance common radio platform.

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