Stack matches DAB processor -

Stack matches DAB processor

London — The Texas Instruments (TI) DRE310 Digital Radio chip uses a custom developed Eureka 147 Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) software stack from RadioScape.

Naresh Coppisetti, the Digital Radio Business Manager at TI, said, “RadioScape's unique position as an end-to-end technology supplier for DAB, offering DAB software for broadcasting and receiver chips, gives the company an extensive understanding of the entire digital radio process, making them an ideal partner for the development of DAB receiver solutions.”

RadioScape will also develop a module based on the DRE310 that will be called the RS310, which should ship towards the end of 2003.”

The DRE310 can decode more than one channel simultaneously, making it useful for automotive applications. One audio channel could be decoded for radio listening, while a data channel containing traffic flow information could be made available to a navigation system.

Recording and playback features have been integrated into the baseband, giving the user the ability to listen to a particular program at a later time.

The DRE310 also includes time-shifted audio, announcement support, service linking (FM/ensemble switching), TII (Transmitter Identification Information) and MP3/Windows Media Audio (WMA) CD support.

Peripherals such as a USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps) interface, I2C, a real time clock and a direct interface to a MultiMedia card (MMC), Memory Stick and SD storage media and been integrated.

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